Hi, I'm Heather!

Located in Beautiful Bellingham, WA

I do Race, Event, and Commercial Photography throughout the PNW and beyond. My photography is an art of observation from unique angles with some stoke sprinkled in!

Types of Work

Hempdogg throwing a toboggan during The North American Enduro Cup race at Silver Mountain Bike Park in Idaho.
Race & Event Photography

I contract with Organizers near & far to take photographs at their race or event. Let me provide you & your racers/patrons/sponsors with beautiful, high-quality images to use for marketing & sharing on social. I have a plan for everyone's budget. Yes, I shoot rain or shine!

Commercial Work

An Evil Bicycles rider doing tricks at the Waterfront jump track in Downtown Bellingham, WA during the NW Tune Up.

License A Photograph from an event

Is your brand or company featured well in a photo that I took? You can License a photo (or gallery of photos) to use for print, web, or social! Licensing imagery is a great way to build brand quality AND sell your products or services. Pricing varies based on use/reach/exclusivity.

A couple of mountain bike riders giving each other a high five in Bellingham, WA. Shot for Cognative MTB.

Hire me to create imagery for your brand

Do you need carefully thought-out & unique photographs of your product or service? No matter if you have a vision in mind or if you don't know where to start, I can help you get what you need to succeed!


"If you are not passionate about where you live, it's difficult to be completely happy. Find where you want to be first, then with a little effort, everything else will fall into place.

My Dad