Heather Carter is a Race, Event, and Commercial Photographer based in Bellingham, Washington. She was born and raised in Okeechobee, Florida and is Native American, of the Seminole Tribe of Florida (her clan is Bigtown). Leaving her hometown at age 25 was hard, but she knew she had to be somewhere in the mountains. Over the years, she taught herself photography and started out taking pictures of her friends while they whitewater kayaked in North Carolina. A handful of years later, Heather now works primarily within the cycling industry and has been professionally shooting bike action since 2021.

She shoots local race photography for organizations such as Race Cascadia and the Sturdy Dirty, an all-women’s enduro race in the PNW. Fast-paced, logistically challenging environments are where Heather thrives. She is an avid mountain biker and can access a lot of wild places that one normally can’t on foot. Her friendly, professional demeanor and background, attention to detail, and passion for the sport make her an outstanding and unique photographer. She graduated from Western Carolina University in 2017 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management with a minor in Parks & Recreation. One day, Heather hopes to work with bigger brands in the Commercial arena while continuing to grow her business models in the cycling race industry.

All behind the scenes images taken by Lauren Church @lcinmotion